The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Industry in India

The Fitness Industry is an ocean in itself. The growth in the fitness industry across the globe has led to revolution in fitness.

According to statista the market size of the health and fitness industry has seen rapid increase, exceeding around $96 Bn in the U.S.A in 2019 alone. 

By 2023 the market size is estimated to reach $6 Bn. This is a huge opportunity for people who would like to make a career in the fitness industry.

Fitness industry in India after the global pandemic has seen an immense interest among the people. Fitness is a form of necessity now and it has a proven record of many health benefits when practiced with consistency.

The Indian fitness industry has made a mark globally with the help of technology. I have seen many apps, online courses introduced by India based fitness companies.

fitness industry in india

What is the fitness industry?

To define the fitness industry in my words, it is a combination of physical health, mental health and food intake. Where, all together helps one to be healthy, fit and active throughout their lifetime.

Now the fitness industry has been transformed to the fitness tech industry as well. Where there is an integration of tech in all the form of exercises. 

Conventionally fitness industry includes nothing more than the fitness gyms, fitness clubs, yoga studios, boxing dens, or cross fitness clubs etc. 

The modern fitness industry is also inclusion of all of the above but does not necessarily. 

Now any fitness trainer can teach anytime and from anywhere. People across the world can get trained by any trainer in the world with the help of technology. 

You will get to understand more about how to earn money in the fitness industry in the following sections.

How to enter the fitness industry?

This has been widely asked by many who would like to enter the fitness industry in various forms and make money. Whenever there is an opportunity in any sector the first question asked is this. Now in this particular industry often people ask me, how to enter the fitness industry? Do I need to be an instructor? Is it good to have any training experience? Is it compulsory to be a fitness enthusiast? How to earn money in the fitness industry?

The answer to all the above questions actually depends. The opportunity is different for different skill sets and intent. 

You can be even a technology enthusiast, fitness enthusiast or even a skilled trainer in any form of fitness exercies.

The fitness Industry in India has a wide variety of opportunities for people who are skilled with technology. 

You may ask me how? If you are an app developer you can develop an app for anybody to practice any exercises anytime and anywhere.

And a teacher or a trainer sitting in the comfort of their own home can teach anybody and everybody in the world. This has become possible only because of the development in the technology space. 

So the software engineers can contribute to the growth of the Indian fitness industry. 

You can own a gym if you are a trainer and train people in groups or in person. 

You can enter the fitness industry if you are an enthusiast and know very little. Yes, that is possible. 

You can collaborate with the expert trainers and invest to start your own fitness company.

If you are a blogger you can also enter the fitness industry and start sharing the knowledge. 

These are some of the ways through which you can start your fitness company journey easily. 

I will explain more in the section about careers in the fitness industry. 

indian fitness industry

Growth in fitness industry

According to the reports by the statista the fitness and gyms projected revenue is to reach 2152 millions by 2021. 

According to mordor intelligence fitness and health clubs were valued at $81 Bn in 2020 at a CAGR of 7.21% during the period of study from 2020 to 2026.

Also if you go by geography under Asia pacific India stands at 3rd position after China and Japan. 

The rise in awareness due to unhealthy food consumption and beverages by the millennials has been the important factors to increased demand for healthy products. 

GenZ has been more keen towards spending towards health clubs, fitness apps and healthy food products unlike any other generation right now. 

People are very concerned about their health following unprecedented things going on right now across the globe. 

Technology is also the main differentiator and contributor when it comes to the fitness industry. Due to the increase in demand, and also because of the pandemic people are scared to step outside, hence the technology has come to rescue. 

I will be explaining in the section below on how the fitness industry in India after covid is making it’s impression on people. This will be one of the main reasons towards the growth in the fitness industry as well.

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5 things to know about fitness industry in India after covid

  • People in India are getting fitness studio membership like never before. People are giving more importance to health and fitness now.
  • Trainers and certified teachers are now gaining the momentum from the students across the world. I have seen many people in my contacts have been conducting international classes.
  • Nutrition has also gained momentum along with the form of exercise. Even though it is a part of fitness, I have seen many in India have been turning towards healthy food habits.
  • Fitness training is now available at home, this has been very helpful for elderly audience. Earlier it has been difficult for older people to travel to gyms across the city.
  • Most importantly, not only physical fitness but also there has been more prominence shown towards the mental health conditions and mental fitness activities as well.

I will be talking more about the above mentioned points in the article I will be writing soon and keep you posted about the same. These are some of the reasons that has lead to growth in fitness industry in India

Career in the fitness industry

As I mentioned earlier, the fitness industry is one of the oceans in itself. Plenty of opportunities for different skill sets.

This section clears the doubt on how to make a career in the fitness industry? As well as how to earn money in the fitness industry?

Now let’s see the options available to make money and career in the fitness industry in India and across the globe.

One can be a fitness trainer of different forms of exercises that are available in the fitness category or the owner of the fitness studios across the city. 

You can also become a specialist in some of the categories like group fitness instructor, personal coach or a personal trainer, specialty expert, performance expert trainer or a coach, nutritional coach, mindfulness coach or a medical fitness coach. 

The cost for a personal trainer ranges anywhere from 500 Rs per hour to 15000 Rs per hour in India at least as per my understanding. 

You can choose any form of exercises like weight lifting,yoga and different forms of yoga expert teacher, zumba, pilates, dance fitness, rubber band fitness, High Intensity interval training, and many more forms to become an expert and a certified teacher to make a career in fitness industry in india and across the globe.

career in the fitness industry

Opportunities other than becoming a expert trainer to answer the question on making money in fitness industry are by choosing a it as niche as follows:

  • Fitness company branding expert who will handle complete profile building, generating leads, brand awareness, converting them to become a customer.
  • Curriculum expert who will handle creating the complete exercise curriculum based on the audience age and form. 
  • Nutrition expert who will work on creating a diet plan for a group or a personal diet plan based on BMI and several other factors.
  • Account manager who will work on maintaining the students details and renewing the membership of the same.
  • Fitness bloggers, like me who will be writing in depth all about the fitness industry and reach out to audiences like you to read and make the right decision.
  • Fitness Vlogger or reviewer, the one who will use and review the fitness equipment and the fitness apps available in the market.

These are again some of the many opportunities available to earn money in the fitness industry or start your career in the fitness industry.

Future of the fitness industry

The future of the fitness industry is technology and expert trainers.

Let me share some examples on how some fitness tech companies are already solving this problem with innovative solutions. 

There is a smart yoga mat which is guiding users in real time with the instructions as well as feedback.

There is a weightlifting machine through which people can get rid of many gym equipments and have this only product at their personal gym.

There is a mirror which comes with preloaded fitness exercises according to user needs.

There is an app which scans your body and corrects your postures and counts your situps as well.

These are some examples of the solutions that exist out in the market and people love using these.

I will cover more about the smart fitness apps and equipment available in my future blogs.

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future of the fitness industry


Fitness industry in India and in the world is booming. There is a lot of scope for the fitness industry in India without any doubt. 

With increase in demand, the growth of the Indian fitness industry will be 10x more. Due to this exponential growth, careers in the fitness industry will have loads of opportunities opened up for many categories.

Lastly, technological advancements will bring in more flexibility in terms of making the learning better day by day. The data will help people analyse and improve upon their score and manage their health accordingly to have a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Let me know your thoughts or comments in the section below.

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