4 important things about becoming a personal yoga trainer

Let me get this straight on becoming a personal yoga trainer. Yes you have to learn yoga to become a yoga trainer and then go for a certification to become a personal yoga trainer.

In recent times people have become very conscious about their health and fitness. As there are many forms of exercises to choose from. Like weight lifting, gymnastic, HIIT, zumba, dance fitness, and most easy of all start with yoga. 

According to Allied Market Research yoga market is to reach approx $66 billion globally by 2027 at a CAGR of 9.6%. And, In India alone yoga market size is valued at $37,462.5 million in 2019.

So fitness is the need of the hour and you have to start somewhere to become an expert in any form and being the ancient form of exercise people are becoming prey to yoga. 

Yoga has many health benefits physically and mentally. It will help to keep you fit and strong. Yoga can help you to have a healthy heart, get a good night sleep and become mentally stable at any conditions. There are numerous benefits to yoga. 

This can be learned anywhere and anytime with the help of already excerpts out there with the help of the technology. 

Being said this you will have to get some certifications to become an yoga trainer and then choose to become a personal yoga trainer going forward.

In this article I will be talking about becoming a yoga trainer and yes there is a yoga trainer certification as well.

personal yoga trainer

Yoga Trainer Certification

Before dwelling into understanding about yoga trainer certification, you will have to learn yoga. 

Now, there are many yoga classes online, including the personal classes as well as recorded videos of yoga to learn from.

If you have never practiced yoga, choose one of the forms of yoga called hatha yoga and learn.

With my personal experience, it would be great to learn yoga from simple poses like tree pose, prayer pose, warrior pose variations, and surya namaskara. 

Practicing yoga daily for a minimum of 30 minutes will make your body flexible.

Once you start practicing yoga from a beginner, it would need a minimum of 6 month to 2 year to get a very good hang of everything in yoga. 

Once you are familiar with the types of yoga and learnt the true essence of how to practice with the clear amount of focus and dedication you would be good to go with the next step to become a teacher. 

The above explanation is to answer the question of how do you become a certified yoga instructor and where to get started with the same. You can become a personal yoga trainer as soon as you have the confidence to teach and have earned a certification.

yoga Trainer Certification

Now, you might also be wondering how much does it cost to become a yoga instructor?

To become a registered yoga teacher also known as RYT certification, it would require you to have completed the  yoga training school program of minimum 200 hours.  This RYT is registered with the yoga alliance. 

Similarly, if you would like to go to the next level then you can undergo a 500 hours training program to become a Registered Yoga Teacher 500 certified by yoga alliance.

It won’t stop only at this stage if you have the hunger to learn more and go to the next professional level. 

Where you can go to become an experienced registered yoga teacher 200 and experienced yoga teacher 500 respectively. You can also know more about the same by clicking here. 

It would cost 50 dollars for application fee and 65 dollars annual and renewal dues for all the teacher training programs separately. 

You have to take the annual membership as well with the yoga alliance to keep updating your certification. 

Also, many of you might be wondering on can you do yoga teacher training as a beginner?

Answer is yes, there is no prerequisite as such other than the dedication to start a yoga teacher training. 

Anybody can start a yoga trainer course. Even if you are a beginner it is absolutely possible for you to start training.

This might also make you think , what if I fail the yoga teacher training ? or Can you fail yoga teacher training ?

As per my knowledge and research it is only serious people who go for a yoga teacher training course and hence they achieve to become a trainer. 

But it is also possible you might leave the training in between or fail to achieve the requisites to become certified. 
Don’t worry, you can again go for training and become a yoga trainer and get a yoga trainer job or become a personal yoga trainer on your own.

Making a living as a yoga instructor

Yoga Trainer Certification

After the completion of the certification of the yoga trainer course, you can go and start teaching yoga to anybody. 

Also someone asked me can I make a living as a yoga instructor? Yes, it is very much possible.

To answer that question, you can charge a nominal fee to start teaching yoga. You may not make a huge amount when you first become a yoga teacher. But things take time. 

I hope you would have learnt patience and keeping your calm while practicing yoga completing the certification program as well. 

This comes to the question: how much does a yoga instructor cost ? To be honest it actually depends. It always depends on the yoga teacher, the expertise, the experience of the yoga teacher on how much they will charge for a class. 

So yoga classes can be started with as small as $10-$15 per class of an 1 hour. It can be even lesser in the initial stage. 

Many yoga instructors structure their costing on a monthly and hourly basis.

Personal yoga trainer at home

This is interesting to see many seek for personal yoga trainers as well in order to find out their mistakes and learn properly.

Yes, now after the pandemic as many people have moved to online fitness classes as well as the fitness apps available. 

So it is possible to hire a personal yoga trainer at home in person or even through a live online class, which you can attend through mobile or a laptop or a desktop with a good internet connection.

Personal yoga trainers also can charge more than a group class per hour basis or on a monthly basis. 

So with the help of technology and many enablements through apps, it has become even simpler to conduct personal yoga training at home, at garder or any place for that matter. 

I will also talk more about yoga trainer jobs in the next section.

Yoga trainer jobs

Yes you read it right. Yoga trainers can run their classes independently as freelance personal yoga trainers or can get a job as a yoga trainer.

Nowadays a lot of fitness studios are hiring yoga trainers as well on an hourly and monthly basis to teach their members yoga and meditation along with the other trainers. 

You may also want to check fitness industry growth in India to know more about the other fitness related jobs and opportunities available.

So yes, you can work for multiple fitness and yoga studios as a yoga trainer and also offer personal yoga training as well for the members who opt for it.

I will cover in detail in my next blog only about the hacks to find and crack the yoga trainer at the fitness studios in India and around the world as well.
So with the immense demand in the market you can get a yoga trainer job.

yoga trainer jobs


From the above details it is possible for anybody to start a yoga teacher training program and become a yoga teacher.

There are many opportunities by the studios as well to get a job as a yoga trainer and teach their members and earn a living or make a living as a yoga instructor.

It won’t stop at that, you can also start teaching by yourself and conduct yoga classes offline and online both. You can start your own yoga fitness studio to expand.

Still, there is an opportunity for you to become a yoga trainer to someone who would like to become a yoga instructor. It is like a trainer of a trainer. 

This tells us there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities to start at any stage of your life to become a personal yoga trainer.

How much does it cost to become a yoga instructor ?

It costs overall $115 to pay for the application and annual or renewal fees to take up the RYT yoga teacher training program by Yoga Alliance.

How do you become a certified yoga instructor ?

You will become a certified yoga instructor by completing any of the RYT training programs offered by the yoga alliance.

Can I make living as a yoga instructor ?

It is possible for any focused and determined person to make a living as a yoga instructor as you can work as a freelance yoga teacher and also by taking up a job at any fitness or yoga studios.

Can you do yoga teacher training as a beginner ?

Yes. Anybody can do yoga teacher training. Even if you are beginner.

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