Fitness marketing strategies you are missing out on

As you all know fitness is one of the most essential things right now post covid world. We all understand life is very much unpredictable hence prevention is always better than cure.

Due to pandemic, out of many industries fitness is one of the worst affected industries. Hence technology also helped people launch online fitness classes and apps to engage the users at home.

Franchises like Cult have taken their app to the next level and engaged their members during pandemic. This has attracted many new members to get on the journey of fitness.

So, in this situation fitness marketing games have to be updated to the next level in order to strive and retain your members.

In this article I will be talking about fitness marketing strategies and how to promote your fitness brand online and offline.

This is for somebody who is looking to up their game in fitness marketing activities and make the most out of it.

fitness marketing

What is Fitness marketing?

As you all know marketing is not about just posting some pictures of a person with abs. It is about communicating the right message to the right people at the right time on the platform where they hangout.

If you follow this in a proper manner there is a room for all the members you want to get for your members and help them achieve their goal.

Fitness is your niche here and you will have to share the proper content what people are looking for.

Fitness marketing strategies

In this section we will see what are the fitness marketing strategies you can adopt for your brand and start executing one by one to achieve the quality results.

It is very important that people know that your brand exists. The branding and marketing goes hand in hand. 

Local SEO has worked wonders for many businesses. The first thing is to get your business listed on the google business listing and appear when people search on google. There is more than just a listing of a business here. There are many other listing platforms to make it visible to people on search.

fitness marketing

Before creating any other marketing strategy, it is very important to know the goal of the business. 

Refer to the image below to understand how a business listing works for your audience.

I will talk about the same in the section of online fitness marketing below.

Online fitness marketing

Having an online presence is very important for any business in this digital age. 

Listing your business on google business listings and there is more to it.

Engage your users/members online and offline to keep them active. Your members will mainly help you get your business to the next level.

How can I promote my fitness brand online?

If you don’t have a virtual community, it is time to build one. 

fitness marketing strategies

Social media will play the biggest role in building your audience and building trust.

It is not about just posting the pictures. But having useful content for people to consume.

You will have to gain a real audience on social media by sharing the stories and tips useful for your audience. 

For example: If you are running a gym, the audience would want to know about the workouts that help them loose or gain weight, build muscle, have six pack abs, stay fit etc.

Blogging is the another best way to engage your audience with long form and useful content. 

Create a website or hire any freelancer/agency to do it for you. 

It would awesome to have that content generated from you and reach out to your audience through a blog.

People are online most of the time and ready to consume useful content. 

Blogging may not yield results instantly but it will in the long run. It will also help you appear on the search results with the SEO optimised content.

Email marketing is the next way to reach your audience and engage them. Sharing useful content directly to your users inbox is the best way to keep them engaged. 

In this online world online fitness marketing is a must. 

For example: If someone doesn’t want to travel in person and be in the gym, sharing the workout content online directly to your members inbox helps them be active and practice at home.

If you could get the SEO through blogging, social media for the brand awareness and engagement, and email marketing to run the campaigns and engage users with the personalised content you are all set to entertain your members.

Once you have these in place then comes the paid ads through social media and google ads.

Try reaching out to more people in your demography and beyond through paid ads. 

Whatever content that has been created for a blog can be repurposed to run ads and break it into small chunks for the social media engagement as well.

These are some of the ways to start with your online fitness marketing.

It is not necessary to learn fitness marketing for you which can also be done through any agency out there.

I hope this answers your question to How can I promote my fitness brand online?

Fitness marketing campaigns that works

Once you have created your footprints on the online world it is important to plan the campaigns online/offline to keep your audience engaged.

Let me share some of the fitness marketing campaigns that might work for you.

Daily or weekly challenges.

It is important to always give more than expected to your audience. Everyone love challenges and hence motivates you to achieve more.

You can run the challenges either online or offline. 

This might also be an answer to How do you attract gym members?

Challenges at least once every quarter will keep your members motivated and engaged.

It can be daily challenges like which can run for a day to complete one or two tasks and pass on to challenge their friends on social media.

For example: Make a video of completing 10 pushups, 10 squats and 10 jumping jacks to complete the one day challenge.

Or it can be a weekly challenge which can go up from 1 week to 6 week to achieve a significant transformation.

For example: Belly fat loss challenge where you can share the workouts every week and measure the progress of the members. It can also be personalised to some extent or generic to all.

Special Offers

It is a best practice to bundle multiple offers and generate leads for your studios and retain them for a long time.

For example: Offering one month extra membershing for a 6 month lock-in period which also includes the gym bag, gloves and skipping rope. And also offer some discount on the final price.

Offers and discounts always attract people. But with the right intent you can have very good retention.

Referral programs

Referral is one of the best marketing campaign ideas even for the fitness studios. Referral programs usually work better when you provide the value. 

Always promise what you deliver and exceed the expectation. This will help you turn your customers into your marketing executives.

Offers can work like chain reactions when you execute it right.

For example: Offer the extension of memberships when people refer. Like 1 month extension for 1 member, 3 months extension for 2 members and 5 month extension for 4 members etc.

These are some of the fitness marketing ideas that have worked. 

fitness marketing strategies


Fitness marketing is the need of the hour now as it is not easy to keep up with just the offline workout studios.

It is the right time for you to go all out so that you wont come under the category of those people who ask why gyms fail?. Anyway to answer that question it is because people don’t upgrade and change their strategies from time to time.

It is very important for you to build the community and engage the user with the useful content and the results.

Everyone loves some brands because of the transformation they see. The results they get and the value you provide.
So get going now and start with your fitness marketing strategies for a win win.

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