7 Must know facts about fitness industry growth in India

India has witnessed an increased focus on overall wellbeing, market size of fitness industry in India with the projected revenue in the fitness segment to reach USD 2,152 million by the end of 2021 (Statista eServices Report 2020 — Fitness)

Fitness is gaining momentum because of the ongoing events around the world and also due to many other health issues.

This has led many people to take fitness very seriously in order to build strength, gain immunity and lead a healthy lifestyle.

In this article I will be explaining the facts about fitness industry growth in India.

fitness industry growth in india

Fitness industry growth in india

Fitness industry is growing enormously around the world and also in India. 

Due to the pandemic last year many have turned to fitness as an integral part of one’s life. 

This article is for fitness enthusiasts, job seekers in the fitness industry, budding entrepreneurs who want to get into Fitness or fitness tech industry.

Difference between the health and fitness industry

There is a very thin line between health and fitness. Fitness is an integral part of health. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of: “complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Being healthy is not about just being safe from diseases but also includes many aspects of life, having a friend to share the happiness, work life balance, peace of mind, mental wellbeing, spending a quality time with self, being predictive and relaxed.

To define fitness in a very simple term is all about having the ability to meet the requirements of the surrounding. 

And being able to function physically with high energy and in good health.

The level of fitness is personal to every individual. 

An athlete would have a high level of fitness and an older person would have different requirements of the fitness level based on the needs.

Now we know the difference between health and fitness. 

Let’s look into what is fitness industry?

Fitness industry consists of many components. Which includes a variety of products and services.

Many of you might think fitness industry is just about running gyms, fitness studios of yoga, kickboxing, pilates or zumba etc., 

It also includes the clothing for gyms and exercises, now the wearables to track your activity.

If not direct but shoes have been a part of fitness and fitness sports as well. 

This might get you thinking into, Is fitness a growing industry? how is fitness industry growth in india is helping in innovation and compe up with more products.

Yes, the fitness industry is growing its feathers in many aspects. Let me explain the details in the following section of fitness industry products and services. In India Fitness industry growth has lead to innovation in terms of reaching more people and creating awareness about fitness and health.

fitness industry growth in india is booming
Fitness weight training

What are the fitness industry products and services?

Fitness products range from physical weights to mobile tracking app. To list a few as follows, the products include

  • Weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Types of machinery like treadmill, cycle.
  • Weight lifting support machinery
  • Ropes
  • Flex Bench
  • Indoor cycling bikes
  • Exercise Bands
  • Supplements
  • Exercise Mat
  • Exercise Gloves
  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Nutritional products

Now with the advancement in technology, there are many online products that have come into the market. 

There are so many fitness apps to track your 

  • Exercises
  • Running
  • Weight Lifting
  • Cardio
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Steps
  • Yoga asana

Online courses for many fitness types come under the services provided by the trainers. 

  • Weight lifting
  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Kickboxing
  • Crossfit
  • Zumba to name a few.
  • Dietary food business

Fitness industry growth in india has actually created lot of job and career opportunities.
I will explain in detail about the trainers and opportunities in the section covering jobs in fitness industry.

fitness industry growth in India
Fitness industry growth in India

What is the scope of fitness industry in India ?

India being one of the most populated countries in the world, there are many health concerns.

To address the same and as you all know prevention is better than cure, there are many fitness solutions available for all body types.

Also with the advancement in technology it has become trainers to train anybody from anywhere.

In this context I would like to address Is fitness industry profitable?

Absolutely YES. As per the list of fitness industry products and services mentioned above, there is a lot of scope to address and create profitable products for the same.

This will also create a lot of career or job opportunities in all departments of the company. Let me address the same in more detail in the next section on Why the fitness industry is booming.

So, till now we understand what is fitness industry? Difference between the health and fitness industry and as well as the scope of fitness industry in india.

Now we will understand…

How and why the fitness industry is booming?

Let’s consider the step by step approach to understand the fitness industry better.

As mentioned earlier above the fitness industry is not just about the Gym or studios.

fitness industry growth in india
Fitness industry growth in India – Booming!

Online Classes: Due to the pandemic situation all over the world, many trainers and the studios came up online to engage with their customers. This has enabled them to reach people across the world. On the other hand even the users had access to world class trainers across the world as well to choose from.

With this approach, you might be thinking what’s trending in fitness industry right now?

As anybody can teach or train anyone from anywhere. This led many Yoga and HIIT trainers to access students across the globe. 

Personally I have also started with yoga and HIIT classes for muscle toning and flexibility. 

This has helped everyone to explore the types of exercises that can be performed being at the comfort of your own home.

Technology Advancement: By taking a reference to the online classes above, many trainers across the world learnt how to make better use of the video conferencing. This has brought many advances to video conferencing platforms to conduct the classes with as many students as possible. You can also see many startups have created fitness challenge apps, fitness tracking apps. There are also many apps personalised based on individual goals.

Wearables: To name a few apple watch, fitbit, fastrack tracking band, Mi tracking band, Garmin, which helps you track the physical activities and also keep a note of your daily/weekly/monthly progress with your goals. There are some wearables which also help you to track sleep and improve. I also came across interesting wearable devices for your wrist as well as rings to meditate the right way. There are smart apps and mat to track your yoga postures and give real time feedback.

As covered in 3 main categories above, the technology contribution in the fitness industry growth mainly India is immense.

Career or Jobs in fitness Industry

Earlier the jobs in fitness industry were only limited to trainers, account managers, or helpers. Now with the advancement in technology and peoples love and understating towards fitness has led the scope of fitness industry beyond just the trainers. 

Let me clarify that in detail in the section below on jobs

Fitness Industry Growth in India

What are the jobs in fitness industry? 

  • Trainers
    • Personal Trainers
    • Group trainers 
  • Helpers
  • Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Social media managers for brands and trainers
  • Growth marketers
  • Content writers
  • Fitness Directors
  • Exercise Therapist
  • Branch Managers
  • Business Development Managers

This is the list of few jobs in demand right now because of the immense opportunities opening up due to fitness industry growth in India. 

The diversity across the fitness industry has led to creating more jobs and making people aware that the fitness and fitness industry is profitable to individual and companies respectively.

Learn more about fitness jobs in India by searching on google, linked or any job platform to check how well the industry is growing.

By this I hope you understand how fitness industry growth is making an impact in India.

Fitness industry growth in India


To conclude, fitness has become a revolution now. 

To be fit is not about status symbol, it is a necessity. 

This advancement in people’s understanding and technology has made it accessible and affordable. 

There are plenty of opportunities to start your own business, get a job, or become a fitness consultant with so many micro niche categories under the fitness industry.

If you are fit and healthy, anything can be achieved. 

Fit and healthy body is most important to be successful in all aspects of life. This is how fitness industry growth in India is creating more business, jobs and services affordable to more and more people.

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