Daily workout at home: A comprehensive guide for beginners

Workout is for everyone out there. You will be fit, fine and healthy if you workout at least for just 10 minutes a day in the morning or an evening.

Daily workout at home is the new thing now. Like you and me everyone wants the best possible solution for everything sitting at home.

There have been 200+ fitness companies started in India alone in the last one and half a year.

There are numerous benefits of working out at home daily. You can manage your day to day work stress. Increase your productivity significantly. Have the focus you have been looking for a long time like me I guess. 

So this article is for someone like you who would like to reap the benefits of working out at home. Gain all the benefits that you get by going to the gym but in spite of saving time.

Let me get this straight, there is nothing right or wrong to it. It depends on your commitment to transform oneself.

Let’s dive deep into what the duck is all about daily workout at home?

In this article I will be talking about an overview about how to get started and what are the options available for you. 

Daily workout at home

How to workout at home daily?

Make up your mind first before going any further to know all about workout.

What is stopping you from exercising daily?

There are numerous reasons you and I can come up with.

That is how we have grown up. Until and unless you have the mindset to transform yourself it is not possible to even move your fingers.

Before answering how? Let’s see why?

Workout is an essential part of one’s life. Earlier in the 80s and 9-s people used to go to factories and work mechanically and hence were fit and fine. It is because they used to get a good sleep after heavy mechanical work in the daytime.

Nowadays we just sit on a chair for hours together and grow a belly then spend all the money to lose that big fat belly.

People used to work in factories standing the whole day, work in farms by moving the body parts consistently every day. Eat well to get that energy for the next day with the sound sleep in the night. 

Now we consume a lot of junk food and do not get enough sleep. I have been there as well. Now I am also trying to get the right amount of sleep and workout daily at least for 15 minutes if not for an hour.

So you might be thinking Is 10 minutes of exercise a day enough? Not really but good to keep you active and not give up on the commitment you made to yourself to be fit.

Daily workout at home for beginners

Now is the time we look into how to workout at home daily?

Now once you made up your mind, just get up everyday and start with your workout routine. 

Start from just moving your body. Start stretching your body on all sides and remove that stiffness from the muscle.

Yes. That’s how you begin. 

Raise your arms, bend down and try touching your feet and the ground.

Turn right and turn left and repeat this for 10 times to get your muscle loosen up.

Once you get used to this for a week, you move on to specialized workout everyday and master one by one.

Daily workout at home for beginners

Daily workout at home for beginners

If you are a beginner that’s how you start with your daily workout at home.

Our mind is very powerful. It can make you do things that you don’t want to and also that you want to with the greater will.

As a beginner, I started with weight lifting. It worked out well for me. 

I did fall in love with that iron. I used to forget everything that’s happening out there in the world till I finish that day’s circle.

You could also start with the same. There are online coaches and pre-recorded videos to get started. But you have to buy all the equipment if you don’t have access to a gym at your apartment.

But, now I am practicing yoga. Yoga is the best form of workout you can start with. 

There are many benefits associated with yoga. From being flexible, being strong, building immunity to managing your breath.

Yoga is mostly about being conscious in your skin and being aware of what’s happening in your body.

I will explain about yoga in detail in another blog.

For a beginner, it is good to get started with yoga, meditation and pranayama at home and then start exploring other exercises which I will be covering in the sections below for you.

Can I do the same workout everyday?

Lot of people I have come across would like to manage their body weight. That is either lose or gain weight.

And, end up doing only similar exercise everyday after seeing some results from it.

But, overdoing anything is not good for health. 

So it is good to have exercises planned for yourself everyday for different parts of the body.

So let’s see what is the best home workout routine?

The best workout routine is always the one that works for you.

You have to be just disciplined to follow one time of the day to get started with.

It is being said that, if you do one thing everyday for the next 21 days you will develop a habit.

Once the habit is formed there is no stopping you.

Let me tell you what worked for me. 

I made it a habit of getting up everyday and eating some fruits and other nutributions required for my diet and getting started with the day. It was difficult but worked wonders for me.

I lost 5 KG of fat in 3 months and started to build muscle weight for myself. If I can do it, you can do it too.

I am not giving a cheatsheet here. But you will figure out what works best for you. 

I have been telling you more about how to get it done by yourself and transform your body.

Let’s go more specific now in the sections below.

Daily workout at home to lose weight

Yes, it is very much possible to lose weight with daily workout at home.

For every type of goal it is always 80 percent diet and 20 percent workout.

I would suggest anybody to get started with speed walking if you have never exercised at home. 

There would be many videos on the internet to get started with the right amount of walking and track the same by using the google fit app to begin with.

These apps will also tell you how many calories are burned every day.

When you want to start upgrading your daily workout at home to lose weight just get started with High Intensity Intensive workout programs.

There are people who are working out intensely and ask me this question often: Will I lose weight if I exercise 2 hours a day?

Yes you can. But only if you do it right. If you workout for the sake of doing without proper guidance you won’t.

I will cover this in detail in my next blog on all about how to lose weight.

Daily workout at home to lose weight

Daily workout at home to gain weight

If you want to gain some weight its not about just eating anything and everything. 

When I wanted to gain weight it was all about gaining muscle weight. 

Muscle weight gain will also help you get into shape. 

To gain muscle weight you have to start eating a good portion of proteins and carbs.

Protein is for muscle weight and carbs is for a strength. 

I would suggest you to go with weight lifting as part of gaining your muscle weight. 

There will be another blog I am coming up soon covering all the exercises that would help most to help gain weight by working out at home daily.

Daily workout at home no equipment

No equipment is the trend now after the pandemic. Even though many used to follow this before as well, it was not very popular. 

People used to prefer gym with weight lifting rather than no equipment daily workout at home.

So if you are new or beginner to no equipment workout, it is always better to start with Yoga.

Yoga helps you to begin with maintaining the body balance and get flexibility as and when you practice regularly.

Then if you are not a fan of yoga. HIIT workouts are best for you. It’s intense and quick to lose weight and stay fit. 

A 10-15 minutes workout can make you sweat crazy and I have started with the same now to stay fit.


Daily workout at home for women and men are almost the same and it differs and depends on your preferences.

As a beginner it is always best suited for you to get started with workout at home with Yoga, stretches and HIIT exercises.

Anybody can start a daily workout at home and lose or gain weight based on your goal.

And, my suggestion to you is get started somewhere. Test and experiment with a workout that you like or always wanted to start with. It will change and you will upgrade eventually.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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